Trips to Israel that are educational, informative, meaningful.

Christian Journeys

The Tekhelet Experience

The Hebrew word “Tekhelet”, refers to the blue dye mentioned throughout the Bible. For hundreds of years, the tradition of how to create tekhelet was lost. Only recently this sacred knowledge was rediscovered. The same is true for Jewish-Christian relations: after hundreds of years of separation, common grounds are rediscovered.

Keshet Journeys aims to build a bridge between these communities through a variety of Christian journeys focusing on different themes.


Ecological Journeys

The Beresheet Experience

The Hebrew word “Beresheet”, means beginning, genesis, alluding to Israel’s natural beauty. As a meeting point between Africa, Asia and Europe, Israel boasts flora and fauna from all three continents, with approximately 2,400 species of flora in one tiny country.

Keshet Journeys aims to show you the beauty of Israel with a focus on socially responsible travel and environmental sustainability.


Study Journeys

The Massoret Experience

The Hebrew word “massoret” means tradition, alluding to Israel’s great diversity in political, religious and cultural narratives.

Keshet Journeys aims to connect you to all these narratives and the people behind them through a range of study tours throughout the country.