Christian Journeys

The Tekhelet Experience

For hundreds of years, the tradition of how to create tekhelet, the blue dye mentioned throughout the Bible, was lost – until recently, when this sacred knowledge was rediscovered. The same is true for Jewish-Christian relations; after hundreds of years of separation and hostility, the relationship between Jews and Christian is slowly being reestablished, mainly in the land of Israel. Keshet Journeys aims to build a bridge between these communities through a variety of Christian journeys focusing on different themes.

Judea and Samaria Tours

A visit to Judea and Samaria is a visit to the heart of the Bible. Explore the many sacred sites in this area, including Shechem, currently Nablus, where Abraham was told to inherit the land; Shilo, where the tabernacle stood for almost 400 years; Beth-El, the place of Jacob’s dreams; and Hebron, the burial site of the matriarchs and patriarchs. Experience the Bible as it comes alive.

Church Community Tours

In addition to walking in the footsteps of Jesus in the traditional sacred sites, Church Community Tours give insights into ancient Jewish life that allow travelers to view Jesus’ teachings in the context of the society in which He lived. The tours also provide a window into the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith through traditional Shabbat experiences, Torah lessons with Rabbis, and visits to sacred Jewish sites. Pilgrimage tours should not just look at the past, for God did not stop acting 2,000 years ago - He acts today, and He acts now.

Women in Biblical Times and Today

Follow the footsteps of the matriarchs of the people of Israel – Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, the prophetesses of Biblical times and the women behind the great men in the Bible. Meet with local women and discover how they are shaping the Israel of tomorrow. Discover the position of women in modern Judaism, and enjoy beauty treatments at the Dead Sea. Be empowered, both physically and spiritually.

Youth Tours and Camping

In addition to travelling the land and visiting historical sites, Youth Tours contain interactive educational activities, including volunteer work, encounters with young IDF soldiers, worship sessions, sports activities and social events with local youth. Touring does not need to be expensive: Keshet Journeys can set up camp sites in the wilderness and deliver meals and sleeping bags to create once in a lifetime experiences while saving expenses on hotel overnights.

The Feasts of the Lord: Jewish Holidays Tours

When Moses spoke to God on Mount Sinai he was commanded to tell the people of Israel to observe seven feasts to remember the Lord. More and more Christians feel the urge to celebrate the Feasts of the Lord together with the Jewish people in the land of Israel. Jewish Holiday Tours connect visitors to Christianity’s Hebraic roots while inviting Christians to experience the unique atmosphere of the Land of Israel in these festive times.

Christian Heritage Tours

Israel is the land of the Bible - a central place in Christianity, where the Bible truly comes alive. Christian Heritage Tours explore the Christian communities in the land - from the Franciscans, to the Armenians, to the churches in the Palestinian Authority. Walk in the footsteps of Jesus and connect with local Christians.

Discipleship Tours: The Bible as a Source of Inspiration

This special tour for men follows in the footsteps of the great men of the Bible, analyzing their relationship with God to teach modern man spiritual lessons: how to be a leader of many (Moses); how to find forgiveness in God’s eyes (King David); how to follow God even if He asks things that seem strange (Peter visiting Cornelius), and more.

Family Tours

A family vacation is about spending quality time together. A family vacation in Israel means spending that quality time not only drawing closer to each other, but also drawing closer to the Bible and the God of Israel. What is more beautiful than discovering God’s hand in this land together with your children?

Conferences and seminars

Israel presents endless conference opportunities for a wide variety of subjects and groups of all sizes. Keshet Journeys combines one-on-one meetings and communal lectures with short excursions and tours to relevant sites that provide experiential supplements to formal educational. We can also provide A/V equipment, lighting systems, translation booths, multilingual service, infrastructure for computerized presentations, and to top it all off, pre- and post-conference touring throughout the country.