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A family vacation is about spending quality time together. A family vacation in Israel means spending that quality time not only drawing closer to each other, but also drawing closer to the Bible and the God of Israel. What is more beautiful than discovering God’s hand in this land together with your children?

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Ayalon Institute

In the fire of the independence war, a small group of young adults produces in a secret underground factory, 2.5 million bullets. The bullets change the course of the independence war. Discover the miracles of the emerging state of Israel in the Ayalon Institute.

Voluntary Work Food Bank

Visit Israels largest food bank and food rescue network that is actively working to alleviate the problem of nutritional insecurity among Israel's diverse population. Help Israel's Needy – Hands out of your sleeves! Gather vegetables on the fields to supply Israel’s food bank.

Shavei Tzion Beach

The beach is no doubt the ultimate summer playground for kids of all ages, and with 273 kilometers (170 miles) of beautiful coastline in Israel, you just can’t miss. Visit the particularly child-friendly Shavei Tzion Beach near Nahariya with its natural seawater pool.

Sound and Light Show

The Walls of the David Citadel serve as stage for a nighttime show that tells the history of Jerusalem, through a celebration of lights, images and sounds. An introduction to Jerusalem in the Sound and Light Show.

Biblical City of David

Visit to the Biblical City of David, the very roots of Jerusalem, where archeology confirms the Bible: an in-depth examination of seminal Biblical texts in the midst of one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in the world.

Carmel Market

The biggest and most lively market of Tel Aviv is the Carmel Market, better know as Shuk HaKarmel. Small corridors surrounded on both sides with market stands. A visit to the Carmel Market is the best opportunity to meet locals, to buy exotic fruits and -spices and to make pictures boasting with colors.

Nachal David - Ein Gedi

Ein Gedi is an oasis in the desert and a green Garden of Eden in the wilderness. Hike along the Nachal David, the river of David, named David River (Nahal David), named after King David hiding from king Saul. A full Judean desert experience is encapsulated in this short but non-the-less spectacular river hike.

Mount Arbel

Hike Mount Arbel. Sheer cliffs rising majestically above the Sea of Galilee with a magnificent view of the Golan Heights and Mount Hermon

Nazareth Village

A visit to Nazareth Village, a hands-on experiences that transport guests to life on a Jewish village in the Galilee two thousand years ago.