Women in Biblical Times and Today

Follow the footsteps of the matriarchs of the people of Israel – Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, the prophetesses of Biblical times and the women behind the great men in the Bible. Meet with local women and discover how they are shaping the Israel of tomorrow. Discover the position of women in modern Judaism, and enjoy beauty treatments at the Dead Sea. Be empowered, both physically and spiritually.

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Sidreh-Lakiya - Bedouin Women

Visit the organization Sidreh-Lakiya. This non-profit organisation aims to improve the position of Bedouin women by teaching them how to read and write and to teach them about their rights. Visit the visitor center of the organization and tour through a non-officially recognized Bedouin village and meet with its inhabitants.


Visit to Hebron, one of the four holy cities in Israel. Walk in the footsteps of Sarah, Rebecca, Leah and Rachel. Visit the Tomb of Machpelah, where the patriarchs and matriarchs of the people of Israel are buried.

Dead Sea

Swim and float in the Dead Sea, bathing yourself in the mineral rich water and mud

Kfar Kedem

Visit to Biblical Kfar Kedem, a hands-on experiences that transport guests to life on a Jewish village in the Galilee two thousand years ago. A community of Orthodox Jewish families has created a holistic experience, involving the actual production of household staples such as milk, wool, and bread from scratch as in biblical times.