Youth Tours and Camping

In addition to travelling the land and visiting historical sites, Youth Tours contain interactive educational activities, including volunteer work, encounters with young IDF soldiers, worship sessions, sports activities and social events with local youth. Touring does not need to be expensive: Keshet Journeys can set up camp sites in the wilderness and deliver meals and sleeping bags to create once in a lifetime experiences while saving expenses on hotel overnights.

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Ayalim Pioneer Project

Discover the Ayalim Pioneer Project. A project that builds villages in outlying areas to provide housing for students and to settle the land of Israel.

Meet Israeli soldiers

Meet Israeli soldiers, young guys that are responsible for Israel’s safety on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon. An on-site briefing regarding Israel’s security challenges concerning the Iranian supported Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon.

Yemin Orde Youth Aliyah Village

Visit the Yemin Orde Youth Aliyah Village that provides a home for at risk youth. Many of the residents are new immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union.

Ayalon Institute

In the fire of the independence war, a small group of young adults produces in a secret underground factory, 2.5 million bullets. The bullets change the course of the independence war. Discover the miracles of the emerging state of Israel in the Ayalon Institute.

Voluntary work in Samaria

After many centuries of wasting land, vine is being cultivated again on the hills of Samaria. Discover the renewed agriculture on the hills of Samaria and; hands out of the sleeves, there is work to be done!

Sound and Light Show

The Walls of the David Citadel serve as stage for a nighttime show that tells the history of Jerusalem, through a celebration of lights, images and sounds. An introduction to Jerusalem in the Sound and Light Show.

Dead Sea

Swim and float in the Dead Sea, bathing yourself in the mineral rich water and mud

Worship in the King of Kings Community

King of Kings Community Jerusalem is called to be a compelling, Messiah-centered, Spirit-empowered and disciple making community. Visit the community and join in worship with people from all over the world.