Ecological Journeys

The Beresheet Experience

In the beginning, the heavens and earth were created. The Hebrew word “beresheet”, the first word in the Bible, means genesis, referring to the beginning of the creation of the world. The Beresheet Experience: Ecological Journeys invites travelers to discover the beauty of Israel with a focus on socially responsible travel and environmental sustainability.

As the meeting point between Africa, Asia and Europe, Israel boasts flora and fauna from all three continents, with approximately 2,400 species of flora in one tiny country, including many endemic varieties found exclusively here. Unfortunately, the traditional tourism industry increases air pollution and ignores many fascinating aspects of Israel’s natural environment. Keshet Journeys offers you an alternative.

Agricultural Tours

Discover how a country with few natural resources has become a major player in the global agri-tech market through innovative modern technologies. Thanks to the ingenuity of Israel’s agricultural scientists and farmers, fruits and vegetables grow in the middle of the desert, Israel’s cows hold the world record for annual milk production, and the 3,000 year old wine and olive oil industries are stronger than ever. Keshet Journeys brings you to the heart of Israeli agricultural innovation.

Hiking Tours

Many of Israel’s best kept secrets are best discovered on foot: the beautiful desert wadis, the Jesus Trail through the fields of the Galilee, monasteries in the middle of the desert, secret hiding places for Jewish rebels in the Judean Hills, and the endless green growing on the volcanic stones of the Golan Heights, to name just a few. Keshet Journeys invites you to discover the flora, fauna and geology of the area, connecting you to the land and history of Israel with each step you take.

Bird Watching Tours

As the meeting point between three continents, Israel sits at the crossroads of migration patterns, with thousands of birds passing through in both spring and autumn on their way to and from Africa. From the mountains in the north, to the oases in the Arava Desert, to the famous wetlands in the Hula Valley, Keshet Journeys gives you the opportunity to spot hundreds of unique species from Israel’s major migration hotspots.

Desert Tours

Throughout the ages, the desert has always been a place to rest, pray and discover. Take in the spectacular starry sky on a desert overnight, study Israel’s revolutionary water saving technologies, and drink tea from desert herbs in a traditional Bedouin tent. From camels rides to 4x4 jeep rides, Keshet Journeys brings you an unforgettable desert adventure.

Bicycle Tours

Cycling allows you to travel at exactly the right speed: fast enough to get everywhere you want to go, but slow enough to truly connect to the land along the way. Smell the flowers, hear the roaring of the sea, meet the trendy urban locals, taste the freshly prepared food, and experience Israel’s nature on off-road routes. Keshet Journeys takes you on an adventure where your love for cycling is your tool to discover the beauty of the land of Israel.

Family Tours

Nature is inspiring at every stage of life, encouraging imagination and providing opportunities for challenges and adventure. Israel’s natural environment is particularly child-friendly and accessible, with a plethora of beautiful nature trails designed specifically for families with young children. Many of Israel’s most fascinating ancient sites have special tours that engage the little ones, inviting children to crawl through caves, interact with animals, picnic in the fields and help harvest strawberries with their own two hands. Keshet Journeys helps you combine quality family time with exploring the land of Israel in a way that is fun for everyone.

Conferences and seminars

Israel presents endless conference opportunities for a wide variety of subjects and groups of all sizes. Keshet Journeys combines one-on-one meetings and communal lectures with short excursions and tours to relevant sites that provide experiential supplements to formal educational. We can also provide A/V equipment, lighting systems, translation booths, multilingual service, infrastructure for computerized presentations, and to top it all off, pre- and post-conference touring throughout the country.