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As the meeting point between three continents, Israel sits at the crossroads of migration patterns, with thousands of birds passing through in both spring and autumn on their way to and from Africa. From the mountains in the north, to the oases in the Arava Desert, to the famous wetlands in the Hula Valley, Keshet Journeys gives you the opportunity to spot hundreds of unique species from Israel’s major migration hotspots.

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Beit Shean Valley and Mount Gilboa

Visit the Mountains of Gilboa in the Beit Shean Valley, located along the major migratory flyways and on the border between the Mediterranean and desert climate zones. Tens of thousands of wetland birds spending the winter in the many fishponds and reservoirs scattered around the valley.

Ein Avdat Canyon

The Ein Avdat canyon, south of Beer Sheba and Sde Boker, is a beautiful area for seeing a mixture of desert and waterside birds. Hike through the Ein Avdat National Park, located in a beautiful canyon in the Negev desert. The Ein Avdat Spring flows down in a waterfall towards an 8-meter deep pool of water. The oasis created by the springs attracts ibex and other animals.