Desert Tours

Throughout the ages, the desert has always been a place to rest, pray and discover. Take in the spectacular starry sky on a desert overnight, study Israel’s revolutionary water saving technologies, and drink tea from desert herbs in a traditional Bedouin tent. From camels rides to 4×4 jeep rides, Keshet Journeys brings you an unforgettable desert adventure.


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Nachal David - Ein Gedi

Ein Gedi is an oasis in the desert and a green Garden of Eden in the wilderness. Hike along the Nachal David, the river of David, named David River (Nahal David), named after King David hiding from king Saul. A full Judean desert experience is encapsulated in this short but non-the-less spectacular river hike.

Dead Sea

Swim and float in the Dead Sea, bathing yourself in the mineral rich water and mud

Ramat Negev Research and Development Center

Showcase Ramat Negev Research and Development Center, focusing on developing advanced agriculture in arid conditions, irrigating with brackish water.

Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research

Visit the Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research (ZIWR) at the Sde Boker Campus of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. The institute particularly emphasizes research and development of water resources in drylands.

Organic Date Farm

A visit to an Organic Date Farm, a date farm where dates are produced in a unique way, free from toxins & non-organic pesticides, herbicides & fertilisers

Eilat Birdwatching Park

An activity center for birdwatchers, with an office that organizes tours of the beautiful park during the migration seasons. Israel, and particularly the Eilat surroundings, has ranked among the top five
foreign destinations for British and European birders for many years. Extraordinary concentrations of migratory birds use the area, making Eilat one of the busiest migration areas in the world.

Ein Avdat Canyon

The Ein Avdat canyon, south of Beer Sheba and Sde Boker, is a beautiful area for seeing a mixture of desert and waterside birds. Hike through the Ein Avdat National Park, located in a beautiful canyon in the Negev desert. The Ein Avdat Spring flows down in a waterfall towards an 8-meter deep pool of water. The oasis created by the springs attracts ibex and other animals.