Study Journeys

The Massoret Experience

Keshet Journeys presents the opportunity to go beyond the standard tourist sites to meet the people and visit the places you simply cannot access on your own. The Hebrew word Masoret means ‘tradition’, alluding to Israel’s great diversity in political, religious and cultural narratives. Keshet Journeys aims to connect you to all of these narratives and the people behind them through a range of study tours throughout the country.

Political Fact Finding Tours

The Middle East seems to be the number one source of bad news in the media, yet very few people understand what is actually going on in the region. Gain insight into the underlying causes of the conflict, focusing on the issues of refugees, Zionism, military strategy, human rights, security, and more. Keshet Journeys invites you to explore the reality behind the headlines for yourself.

InnovatioNation Tours: Hi-Tech

Explore the entrepreneurial spirit that has built Israel’s worldwide reputation as the “Startup Nation”, an energetic, visionary and financially successful powerhouse. Keshet Journeys invites you to discover why multinational companies have set up R&D centers in Israel and how creativity and entrepreneurial zeal combine to bring world-changing ideas to the marketplace.

Environmental Science Tours

Israel’s lack of conventional energy sources has motivated extensive accomplishment in the field of alternative energy, including developing water saving technologies, solar energy plants and turning waste into biogas. Keshet Journeys reveals how one of the youngest countries in the world has become a global leader in Clean Tech, despite all odds.

InnovatioNation Tours: Security and Politics

Gain insight into Israel’s conflicts of borders, water and homeland security, and experience the lives of those living in Palestinian villages beyond the security barrier. Keshet Journeys presents the major geopolitical concerns of the region, the complex steps taken to deal with them, and the impact on the locals on both sides of the conflict.

Israel’s Ethnic Communities: Multicultural Tours

Get past the complicated political questions to experience the beauty of the people of the Israeli and Palestinian peoples. The land hosts Jews from over 170 different countries, along with large communities of Arabs, Armenians, Turks, Druze, Bedouins and Samaritans. Keshet Journeys reveals the rich mosaic of ethnic diversity of Israel through food, culture and face-to-face encounters.

Jewish Heritage Tours to Europe

Jewish Heritage Tours to Europe explore the continent's rich Jewish history along with the magnificent art, culture and music of the region. Connect with local Jewish communities, and delve into the challenges facing European Jewry today. Discover the vibrancy of pre-Holocaust Jewish communities, how Zionism developed, and how prophecies were fulfilled when the Jewish people returned to their ultimate homeland, Israel.

Wine and Dine: Culinary Tours

What does the Bedouin community eat during festivals? What does it mean to observe the Jewish laws of kashrut? How are so many varieties of wine produced in the desert? What does a “biblical diet” look like? Where are the most authentic humus and falafel? Keshet Journeys offers you a gastronomic adventure, bringing you the tastes and aromas of Israel’s diverse cultural mosaic.

Health Sciences Tours

Explore the world’s most innovative medical advances in the country that is ranked first in the world for medical device patents per capita. Keshet Journeys takes you on journey to discover how Israel’s spirit of inquiry, love for life, and strong sense of purpose have produced unique breakthrough solutions to real world problems.

Conferences and seminars

Israel presents endless conference opportunities for a wide variety of subjects and groups of all sizes. Keshet Journeys combines one-on-one meetings and communal lectures with short excursions and tours to relevant sites that provide experiential supplements to formal educational. We can also provide A/V equipment, lighting systems, translation booths, multilingual service, infrastructure for computerized presentations, and to top it all off, pre- and post-conference touring throughout the country.