Environmental Science Tours

Israel’s lack of conventional energy sources has motivated extensive accomplishment in the field of alternative energy, including developing water saving technologies, solar energy plants and turning waste into biogas. Keshet Journeys reveals how one of the youngest countries in the world has become a global leader in Clean Tech, despite all odds.

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Central Arava Research and Development Station

Showcase in the Central Arava Research and Development Station. This station does scientific research to support agriculture on desert soil. The research includes seven sector centers: vegetables, ornamentals, plant-protection, orchards, organic agriculture, fishery and produce quality. 

Ramat Negev Research and Development Center

Showcase Ramat Negev Research and Development Center, focusing on developing advanced agriculture in arid conditions, irrigating with brackish water.

Organic Date Farm

A visit to an Organic Date Farm, a date farm where dates are produced in a unique way, free from toxins & non-organic pesticides, herbicides & fertilisers