Political Fact Finding Tours

The Middle East seems to be the number one source of bad news in the media, yet very few people understand what is actually going on in the region. Gain insight into the underlying causes of the conflict, focusing on the issues of refugees, Zionism, military strategy, human rights, security, and more. Keshet Journeys invites you to explore the reality behind the headlines for yourself.

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Birzeit University Ramallah

Visit the Palestinian University Birzeit, Birzeit was the first university to be established in the Palestinian Authority. Tour the campus and meet with Palestinian students

Interfaith Panel for Sustainable Development

Meet the Interfaith Panel for Sustainable Development. This interreligious panel consisting of christians, Jews and muslims presents different perspectives on subject like coexistence and Jerusalem as a holy city.

Herzl Museum

Visit to the Herzl Museum, an encounter with Zionism and Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism and visionary of the Jewish State. An interactive, thought-provoking tour about the Jewish identity, Zionism, Diaspora and Aliyah

Israeli Supreme Court

How do the principles of the rule of law relate to combating terrorism? A visit to the Israeli Supreme Court. Meeting with a former judge and discussion on legal dilemmas.


Drive to the site of the new Palestinian city Rawabi and meet with developer Bashar El Masri to discuss and view one of the more significant Palestinian responses to a new sense of peoplehood and desire for statehood

Mount Bental

Outlook from Mount Bental over Syria. Discussion about the relevance of the Golan Heights, the upcoming of the Islamic State and the geopolitical dimensions of the Middle East.

Alphei Menashe Viewpoint

Strategic dimensions of an area, explanation on the geopolitical circumstances of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on viewpoint Alphei Menashe by the Spokesmen of the Israel Defence Forces

Knesset - The Israeli Parliament

A visit to the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. Meeting with Knesset Members. Discover the essence of the Israeli democracy and the role and responsibilities of the Knesset. The tour also relates to the principle art works in the Knesset building.

Al Jazeera - Ramallah

Meeting with journalists from Al-Jazeera in their Ramallah-office about media coverage and journalistic independence in the Palestinian Authority