Wine and Dine: Culinary Tours

What does the Bedouin community eat during festivals? What does it mean to observe the Jewish laws of kashrut? How are so many varieties of wine produced in the desert? What does a “biblical diet” look like? Where are the most authentic humus and falafel? Keshet Journeys offers you a gastronomic adventure, bringing you the tastes and aromas of Israel’s diverse cultural mosaic.

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Machane Yehuda Market

In the heart of a neighborhood in downtown Jerusalem, the largest open market in Israel was built in 1928, the Machane Yehuda Market. Walking through the market’s alleyways is a good opportunity to meet Jerusalem and its fascinating human mosaic.

Carmel Market

The biggest and most lively market of Tel Aviv is the Carmel Market, better know as Shuk HaKarmel. Small corridors surrounded on both sides with market stands. A visit to the Carmel Market is the best opportunity to meet locals, to buy exotic fruits and -spices and to make pictures boasting with colors.

Messa Restaurant

Tony Blair, Pink, Jean-Claude Vandamme and many others visited Restaurant Messa for an haute cuisine dinner. The restaurant is being run by the young chef cook Moshe Aviv, who became a succesful cook more by talent than by training.