Corona Update IV

Dear Partners,

Good evening from Jerusalem. 

Due to some significant changes, we are sending you a second update today. Changes are marked in yellow.

General Order by Ministry of Health (Update 27.02.2020 afternoon)

As a response to the current situation/spread of the CoronaVirus the Ministry of Health adjusted their orders accordingly:

Following foreign citizens (tourists) have been banned from entering Israel:

  • Thailand
  • Hongkong
  • Macau
  • Singapore
  • China Mainland
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Italy with immediate effect

With immediate effect Israel is no longer allowing Italian citizens or people that stayed in Italy, the last 14 days before entering Israel, to enter the country!

The entry ban for foreign citizens of countries (mentioned above) is applicable for all border crossings into Israel regardless of whether it is a land crossing or an airport.

This order is also applicable for all foreign citizens (not depending on citizenship) who have spent time in one of the above-mentioned countries during the last 14 days before their arrival to Israel.

So far not affected are transit passengers who stayed inside the airport (f.e. Hongkong, Seoul, Singapore) during the entire transit time.

Airline Situation

Cathay Pacific
In light of the current entry restrictions, Cathay Pacific decided to cease its Hongkong – Tel Aviv operations as of February 24 until at least March 28, 2020.

Further updates on Cathay Pacific Operations can be found here:

EL AL Israel Airlines

  • Flights to and from Beijing and Hongkong are suspended until May 02, 2020
  • Flight to and from Italy are suspended from tomorrow February 28 until March 14, 2020
  • Flights from Israel to Bangkok are suspended from Sunday March 1st until March 27, 2020
  • Flights from Bangkok to Israel are suspended from Tuesday March 3rd until March 27, 2020

Further updates on EL AL Operations can be found here:

We kindly ask you to inform all of your clients traveling to Israel during the upcoming weeks, about the immigration restrictions as we have already had cases where guests were denied entrance to Israel.

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