Corona Update V

To our dear friends scheduled to visit the Holy Land!

Shalom. I wish to express my thanks and appreciation for the fact that you have chosen to come to Israel with Keshet Journeys. We consider ourselves greatly blessed to serve as a bridge to the Holy Land for thousands of visitors each year from all over the world. This is not only our business, but it is also our passion.  Thus it is with great regret that I must inform you that as a result of the Corona virus the Israeli Ministry of Health has imposed severe limitations on incoming visitors from many countries in Europe and the Far East. During the last several hours those restrictions were expanded to include arrivals from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. Visitors from those countries will no longer be allowed to entering Israel by Friday March 6th at 8am.

These are difficult times for much of the world. I know that you will join our prayers that the thousands of scientists and laboratory workers currently working to develop a vaccine will receive God’s inspiration in their work. We pray as well for you and your families.

I look forward to welcoming you to Israel in the near future in good health and full spirits.


Latest order by the Ministry of Health (Update 04.03.2020 late afternoon)

As a response to the current situation/spread of the CoronaVirus the Ministry of Health adjusted their orders accordingly:

Following foreign citizens (tourists) will no longer be allowed entering Israel:

  • China
  • Hongkong
  • Macau
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Italy

NEW as of Friday March 6, 2020 at 8 am:

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  •  Austria
  • France
  • Spain

The entry ban for foreign citizens of countries (mentioned above) is applicable for all border crossings into Israel regardless of whether it is a land crossing or an airport.

This order is also applicable for all foreign citizens (not depending on citizenship) who have spent time in one of the above-mentioned countries during the last 14 days before their arrival to Israel.

So far not affected are transit passengers who stayed inside the airport (EXCEPT ITALY and JAPAN) during the entire transit time.

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