Arrival / Departure Airport
Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport (TLV)

Event Location
Orient Hotel
Emek Refaim Street 3

Hotel Selection

by Isrotel Exlusive Collection

The JPB 2020 will be held here!

The Orient Jerusalem hotel, part of the Isrotel Exclusive Collection, is nestled at the heart of the German Colony, walking distance from countless cultural, tourist, and historic attractions: the First Station, Liberty Bell Park, and Mishkenot Sha’ananim, as well as charming boutiques and bistros. The Old City and the Western Wall is just 2 miles away.

The Orient Jerusalem’s 243 exceptionally luxurious rooms and suites showcase an eclectic design, merging classic motifs with modern innovations. 

Price per room/night from: USD 469

Additional Services

Arrival Services

  • Arrival Transfer (private Taxi) – Price starting from USD 160
  • VIP Club Arrival Service – Price: USD 189
  • Gold Club Arrival Service – Price: USD 519

Departure Services

  • Departure Transfer (private Taxi) – Price starting from USD 160
  • VIP Club Departure Service – Price: USD 189
  • Gold Club Departure Service – Price: USD 519

Hotel Reservation

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Important Notes

  • Hotel and length of stay can be selected during registration
  • Full payment required at the time of registration


Summit Operation
Travel Documents
Price and Payment
General about Israel

WHO IS KESHET JOURNEYS? Keshet Journeys LTD. is the travel agency  and local tour operator in Israel coordinating the booking process and the land operation for the JPB 2020. Keshet can provide assistance for all questions regarding reservation, payments, lodging, and flights. You can contact our team by sending an email to:

WHO IS WORLDWIDE VILLAGE LTD? Worldwide Village LTD (WWV) is the travel agency, based in Switzerland, coordinating the booking process and collecting the payments for the JPB 2020 Hotel reservation, on behalf of Keshet Journeys.

WHAT DOCUMENTATION IS NECESSARY FOR REGISTRATION AND TRAVEL TO ISRAEL? A current passport, valid for at least six months beyond the forum, is required. There are no exceptions to this policy. A travel visa is required for some countries. Please find out more about Israel’s visa policies regarding your country here: Israel’s Visa Policy.

WHAT IS THE PAYMENT SCHEDULE? Full payment is due at the time of reservation.  F

CURRENCY EXCHANGE All prices given are in US-Dollar.

AM I REQUIRED TO PURCHASE TRAVEL INSURANCE? We urge you to purchase cancellation insurance and supplemental medical coverage (which covers preexisting conditions).

WHAT HAPPENS IF I HAVE TO CANCEL MY PARTICIPATION? In addition to the Contractual Conditions of WorldWide Village Travel Ltd. the following cancellation policy is valid for your trip: Cancellation charges: In case of cancellations by client, the following percentage of the total price will be charged: Until 91 days prior the scheduled departure date: non-refundable down payment 90 – 0 days prior the scheduled departure date: 100% of total amount Cancellation of additional services: Unless otherwise stated, all by the client pre-booked additional services related are non-refundable after booking. In case of full cancellation of the tour by Keshet Journeys / WorldWide Village the down payment as well as pre-booked pre-/ and post-nights will be refunded.

WHAT MEDICAL PRECAUTIONS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED BEFORE TRAVELLING TO ISRAEL? There are no specific immunizations or medications that are recommended or required for travel to Israel, but we advise you to connect with your primary care physician regarding his/her recommendations for you specifically. Please keep in mind that you can purchase the equivalent of most standard over-the-counter medicines in Israel. We would also encourage you to inform your health insurance provider that you will be traveling out of the country to determine your coverage and medical care options while in Israel.

HOW SAFE IS TRAVELING TO ISRAEL? Your safety is our top priority. Israel is a very safe country to visit and tour, and we use a variety of measures to ensure the safety of all the participants on the ACC Senior Pastors Israel Tour. We also encourage you to take all the normal precautions as you would when traveling to any other city or country.

WHAT IS THE TIMEZONE IN ISRAEL? Israel Standard Time (IST), is the standard time zone in Israel. It is two hours ahead of UTC and seven hours ahead of EST.

CAN I DRINK TAP WATER IN ISRAEL? Tap water is safe to drink in Israel, but bottled water will also be available.

WILL I HAVE ACCESS TO WIFI? Most hotels in Israel have WiFi available for hotel guests at standard rates. Many cafes and restaurants also offer complimentary WiFi services. Since September 2013, Tel Aviv offers a citywide free WiFi network which provides 80 free internet “hot spots”across the city. Most of the touring buses also have complimentary WIFI available.

WILL I BE ABLE TO USE MY CELL PHONE WHILE IN ISRAEL? Please check with your mobile phone service provider to determine if you will need to purchase an International plan to use your phone in Israel. Local Israeli SIM cards with phone/data plans can be purchased during the registration process and will be delivered upon arrival in Israel. To make use of this service, your phone has to be “unlocked”.

ARE CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED IN ISRAEL? You can use your credit/debit card to obtain NIS (New Israeli Shekels) at ATMs throughout Israel. Most Israeli hotels, restaurants and stores accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa cards as well. American dollars are accepted in many places in Israel; however, in most cases, change will be given in NIS.

WILL I NEED TO BRING A POWER ADAPTER? Almost all hotel rooms are equipped with hairdryers, and all have shaver sockets. For other appliances, Israel’s electricity is 220V A/C, single phase 50-cycles; 110V-220V transformers can be used. Israeli outlets have three prongs, but European two-prong adapters usually work.

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