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Are most of the participants first time visitors?

Groups travel through the country in a bus with up to 50 seats. The same itinerary can be done by 4 different buses at the same time (traveling in parallel), with each bus with having its own tour guide. From 5 buses, and more the itineraries will be run in different sequence. The costs of a tour guide, and the bus are called ‘collective rates’.  These costs are shared by the number of participants, and this is the reason why the rates come down when a bus fills up

Information about you
Choose your travel date

When you are choosing your dates, there are several elements that you should take into consideration:

1. Jewish Holidays

The prices of hotels are very high around the Jewish Festivals and it’s harder to obtain hotel rooms. In addition, there  are days that sites, museums and restaurants are closed. During the Jewish Passover holiday kosher hotels, shops & restaurants do not have leavened bread.

For more information click Here 

2. Weather

Israel has a mild climate all year round, meaning there is not really a time to avoid visiting Israel. The summer months (July and August) are, however, generally very hot, with average temperatures over 35o Celsius (95o Fahrenheit).  While the winter months (December, January, February) can be unpredictable, with periodic rainstorms, often lasting a few days at a time, and even snow. From some time in March there is often pleasant spring-like weather. The best months for travelling to Israel are March, April, May and October, November. The best, and most beautiful time to hike is March and April, when the country is in bloom with the rebirth of spring flowers and blossoms. To experience this time of year from up close we highly recommend the Jesus Trek:

3. Saturday/Shabbat

Many Jewish people observe Shabbat, starting at sunset on Friday, and ending at sunset on Saturday. Therefore nearly all shops, restaurants, museums and public transport are closing on Friday afternoon, and either re-open on Saturday night, or Sunday morning.  Arab and non-kosher establishments are however open, and taxis and sheruts (shared taxis) still operate . Nature parks and most Christian ‘Holy places are open on Saturday, but some of them are closed on Sunday.


we do NOT recommend planning check-in at any hotel on Saturday, due to the Shabbat (check-in is usually very late, approximately two hours after the Shabbat ends).

Sample Itineraries

Please click on the link to obtain the desired sample itinerary

Your Tourpick one you'd like us to quote for you!

Time to promote

You need time to promote your tour, so we recommend that you start with plenty of lead time. Based on your specific tour dates, 8-10 months ahead of the departure would be a good time to begin the promotion

Land package only
This includes: hotels, bus, guide, sites, and anything else you wish to include. Hereby you, or the participants, buy the tickets by your/themselves, adapted to the start & end of the tour itinerary. 

Full package: Land package + Flights

This includes: land package + costs of  round trip airfare. In this case we will arrange the flights most appropriate for your tour itinerary. Payments & registration are handled by the group initiator/organisator.

Full package + Registration

This includes: full package + an online credit card payments & registration system. A customized page will be setup through which people are able to register & pay, to book transfers, extensions, travel insurance, sim cards etc. Also a rooming list is composed via this system. This option allows payments by credit card, or bank transfers.

Full package + handling of registration through a local travel agent in your region

In this case, we (Keshet) offer the land package to one of our local travel agent partner in your country. The travel agent will handle flights, registrations and customer service. This option enables participants to pay via bank transfer to the local agent.

Flight Information

Once we have agreed upon a basic itinerary for your Israel trip, we will submit to you a detailed proposal outlining your trip costs. The proposal will include the prices of all accommodations and services that are specified in the itinerary. Some of the components that influence the price:


Location of the hotel will affect the price as well. For example close to the Old City of Jerusalem, Tiberias, Tel Aviv or specific views.

Food Arrangements

Including all meals creates a flow in the itinerary whereby everything is included. Including lunches in your quote will of course influence the price of your land package. Leaving out lunches gives participants the option to choose on their own, and to enjoy some local fast food. For larger groups of 40 and more  we do recommend including lunches logistical reasons. Sit-down lunches cost 20 US Dollar per lunch. Beverages are not included in the land package.

Please note that in general the buffets at hotels, both in the morning, and in the evening provide a large variety of food (appropriate for a variety of dietary requirements, such as gluten free, vegetarian etc. Please always indicate this need clearly before arrival).

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